Our Approach

Our mission is to empower and encourage young women to be confident in the face of uncertainty, reach for knowledge to gain insight, respect differences, and rise above insecurities to reach for their dreams.

We are creating future leaders by providing education, pairing mentors to provide career counseling and also establishing a safe space for girls to understand themselves and help set proper expectations for their future.

Meet the Team

We want to make a difference. It really is that simple.

We each have a story and have survived something and have learned that we are going to be okay.  We also have learned that sometimes the story we tell ourselves as women blocks us from being our best.

We are volunteers because we are passionate about what we do.  That means that your donations are used to make sure that we create education and find mentors for young woman to reach their dreams.

maggie photo

Maggie Fields

Chairwoman & Educational Director

Maggie Fields is an educator with the Cheatham County School District.  She has been teaching high-school education for nine years. She currently teaches at Sycamore High School.

She sponsors the following clubs:

  • GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance)
  • S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions)
  • Student Council Class of 2019 Representative Leadership Team

She graduated from Austin Peay State University with a Major in History and a minor in Education and Women's Studies.  She spends her free time traveling with her family and reading.


Valerie Kemp

Vice President & Treasurer

Valerie Kemp is Owner and CPA of the firm Valerie Kemp Dreier, Certified Public Accountant, a full service accounting, tax and business solutions firm.

She has over 20+ years experience in the accounting profession. Valerie also serves on several non profit organizational groups and advisory boards. She believes that helping the community should be a core value for every business and spends a lot of her time supporting the benefit of Cheatham County residents.

Valerie graduated from Lipscomb University. When she’s not at the office, she can be found traveling, cooking, kayaking or spending time with her family.

yong, marianne

Marianne Yong

Special Projects & Advisory Board

Marianne Yong is the founder of Wholly Hemp Farm.  As an industry leader, advocating for the domestic production of industrial hemp and the innovative solutions it brings for foods, fuels, plastic alternatives, building materials, and nutraceuticals.

She has held roles across multiple sectors: non-profit organizations, start-up firms, public schools, Fortune 500 companies, and agricultural farms. 

Her passions lie in leadership development, mentoring, and program management. She thrives most when operating outside her comfort zone - both in her professional and personal endeavors.

She graduated from The Evergreen State College in Washington State.  She enjoys painting, outdoor adventures with her family, and hiking with her dogs.


Autumn Eklond

Founder & President

Autumn Eklond is the founder of The ReNEWal Lab, a Business Consulting, Marketing and Executive Coaching company that works with small businesses and individuals.

She has over two decades of business experience in various leadership roles from large profile organizations in corporate America.

Her motto:  "Transfer your nervous energy and fears into positive action and become the best you!"

She graduated from Lipscomb University and spends her free time with her family, refurbishing old furniture, traveling to new places and reading.


Women account for 47% of the US Labor Force and 4% sit in the CEO chair for the Fortune 500 companies.  Only 14.2% make up the top leadership positions. To make a difference, girls need to believe that they are valuable enough to have any career they want.

We tell our daughters they can do anything they want, let's help them by giving them the resources and instilling in them the confidence to earn the seat.

The stats are scary, in fact research continues to show us that women hold women back from reaching our full potiential.

In 2009, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a new policy urging pediatricians to team up with schools and parents to advocate for preventing bullying by dialoging and highlighting the effects of girl on girl cruelty.

  • Females were responsible for 40% of bullying at work and school.
  • 84% of women reported suffering an emotional trauma from another woman.
  • 1/3 women have only 1 to 3 authentic intimate reliable female relationships.
  • 1 and 3 teens was targeted by menacing on-line activity.

We want to make a difference and focus on bringing in professionals and experts who can zone in on key issues to help make a difference in each of the young women who participate in the program.

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Contact us to discuss to learn more about EMPower Me.  We are continually seeking new volunteers as well as businesses who want to partner with us for educational programs.