We work year round to recruit new and diverse mentors from multiple industries and to provide relevant training programs for our mentors.


We spend time surveying students, parents and teachers to understand concerns, listen to suggestions and find resources and professionals to assist in certain topics.


The program provides opportunities for the student to be a part of community events, visit businesses and learn about the industry of their choice through mentorship allowing for a greater understanding of business and community involvement.


how does the program work?

The program begins a few months after school starts and will be with approximately 30 10th/11th high-school girls who will meet once a month at a local business location or a local community venue for 4-6 hours of instructional hands on, and interactive learning.

From professionals talking about getting along with other girls, to social media, to learning about interviewing skills and hearing from women with inspirational stories to tell; we bring to the student’s people who will resonate from various backgrounds, industries and experiences.

If you know of someone or would like to be a guest speaker, please reach out to us. We want our students to have an incredible journey.

See below for just a "sneak peak" at some of our guest speakers...


We plan to be a part of the community and the benefits of programs in Nashville and surrounding counties.

For 2019 we have planned a few field trips that will benefit the students with learning about community, each other, STEM, and helping others.

Below are the locations/events planned for this year's program:

Twister Event - Adventure Science Center 

Habitat for Humanity - House Build

Thistle Farms

Tour of Homes for Sale - Low Price to Higher Price (Connection to Income/Budget/Careers and Expectations)

Graduation Event with awards - Location TBD



Mentors are paired with the students and will be in contact with them throughout the program and will attend various meetings. 

When mentors set out to work with EMPower Me, they are required to pass a background check and attend a training program before they are partnered with any students.


See below for more details regarding the mentor role:

Mentor Role Description

Join the program

If you are interested in the program or know someone who would benefit from the program, contact us before our program submission deadline of September 29th.


carly rae coady

Carly Rae works at Local Honey in East Nashville as their Education Director, where she trains apprentices and stylists. She was named in 2016 by The Colorist Magazine "30 under 30: The Next Generation of Colorists". She was one of 25 nominated from all over the world for the BehindtheChair Big Shot Editorial category.

In 2014, Carly Rae became one of 10 hairstylists under the age of 25 chosen to be apart of TIGI's Inspirational Youth first US Team. She spent time in London trianing under Anthony Mascolo (Creator and Founder of TIGI) , Nick Irwin, Akos Bodi, Thomas Osborn, Richy Kandasamy and Christel Lundqvist and the rest of the TIGI International Creative team. After an editorial shoot shot by world-renown Alex Barron-Hough, Carly Rae's work was published in BehindtheChair Magazine. Carly Rae was chosen as one of the 2 winners, and was sent to Berlin, Germany to work at TIGI's World Release.

Dr-Carli-Snyder-1 (1)

dr. carli synder

Dr. Carli Snyder, a board-certified clinical psychologist practicing in the Las Vegas area for the last twelve years and is the founder and creator of Girl Nation. Carli’s approachable style and passion for inspiring girls to be their best possible selves makes her an influence and inspiration to many. In 2000, Carli received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Health Psychology from The California School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles. She had a private practice in Beverly Hills for two years before relocating to Las Vegas. Currently, Carli has a small practice in town where she specializes in young women’s health issues (Depression, anxiety, negative body image). Her passion is working with pre-teen and teenage girls helping them to navigate the confusing and complicated girl world.

maria riveria

Maria Rivera

An engaging storyteller, intuitive thinker, and energetic force of nature, Maria employs a thoughtful, deft approach to the dynamic, rapidly changing world to help you navigate life successfully.

Through her own life experiences, Maria has learned that the key to real, sustainable transformation lies inside each of us—and her approach is therefore internal. She developed the Fly-High Method as a way to guide others through the process of reclaiming joy and agency in their lives by:

  • Rejecting the often debilitating “shoulds and ought-tos” imposed by society
  • Embracing one’s true self
  • Taking healthy risks with confidence
  • Listening to what the heart says

It can be a long and bumpy road to a new life, but Maria is here to show you that it is possible; that the hard work will pay off.