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We hold workshops focused on learning about investing in oneself, communication, relationships and finances.

Topics include but are not limited to:
-Communicating with impact
-Healthy Boundaries in Relationships
-College Financial Support
-Getting along with girls - why is it so hard?
-Why can't everyone just be normal like me?
-Finding our "Reset Button"

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Our society is constantly changing.  With it, we can offer resources to our young women to help them succeed. The last two decades have provided more technology and decisions for our teenagers than ever before.  This provides an opportunity to provide support regarding making the right decisions concerning what to post on social media, career choices, and who and what they listen to as an influence in their life.

The program provides opportunities for the student to be a part of community events, visit businesses and learn about the industry of their choice through community involvement.

We exist to empower young women


Together, we can make a difference



Mentors are available to assist in career conversations or help understand steps toward setting future goals.

¹Young adults who have a mentor are:

55% more likely to enroll in college
78% more likely to volunteer regularly
46% less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs
27% less likely to start drinking
Want to be a mentor?

Have a business location where we can meet? 

Our mission is to empower and encourage young women to be confident in the face of uncertainty, reach for knowledge to gain insight, respect differences and rise above insecurities to reach for their dreams.

Through team building, mentoring and education; we want high school girls to walk away with a better understanding of themselves with confidence and knowledge to work through situations and ability to have more intimate reliable female friendships.

We are a not for profit organization focused on creating future leaders by providing education, pairing 10th and 11th graders with mentors in various industries that provide career advice and establish a safe space for understanding themselves and  setting proper expectations for a successful future.

The mentors who volunteer for EMPower Me are from various industries: law, accounting, retail, graphic design, engineering, nursing, veterinarian, photography, stay at home moms, real estate and more!

²According to research women are holding other women back from being successful:
-Females are responsible for 40% of the bullying at work and school.
-84% of women have reported suffering an emotional trauma from another woman.
-Only 1/3 of women only have 1 to 3 authentic intimate reliable female relationships.


Women account for 47% of the US Labor Force and 4% sit in the CEO chair for the Fortune 500 companies.  Only 14.2% make up the top leadership positions. To make a difference, girls need to believe that they are valuable enough to have any career they want.

We tell our daughters they can do anything they want, let's help them by giving them the resources and instilling in them the confidence to earn the seat. The stats are scary, in fact research continues to show us that women hold women back from reaching our full potential.

In 2009, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a new policy urging pediatricians to team up with schools and parents to advocate for preventing bullying by dialoging and highlighting the effects of girl on girl cruelty.

·         Females were responsible for 40% of bullying at work and school.
·         84% of women reported suffering an emotional trauma from another woman.
·         1/3 women have only 1 to 3 authentic intimate reliable female relationships.
·         1 and 3 teens were targeted by menacing on-line activity.

We want to make a difference and focus on bringing in professionals and experts who can zone in on key issues to help make a difference in each of the young women who participate in the program.

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