help us through several ways

Help is always needed and appreciated.

If you would like to help support the work of EMPower Me, you may do so several ways.

monetary donation

When you support EMPower Me, the money is spent on educational tools and resources, professional guest speaker charges and event admission fees for local events for the participants and assigned adults.

donate to support our youth!

business host

If you would like to host EMPower Me for an educational session at your place of business, or allow participants to tour your business, please contact us.  We would love to discuss how we can partner with you.

host a session at your business location

Get in touch with us today about hosting an educational session!


Becoming a mentor is a rewarding experience as you help support a young woman transition into adulthood with confidence! A mentor with EMPower Me provides career and college advice in the field of study that the student is interested in and if possible, job shadowing opportunities or internship programs.

become a mentor

Get in touch with us today about becoming a mentor!


Volunteers help us with events to raise money, administrative duties as well as a host of other items. If you would like to help volunteer your time towards a good cause, contact us today!

volunteer your time

Get in touch with us today about volunteering to help with activities to support our program.

shop and donate

support us while shopping with amazon

You may also support us while shopping at Amazon through the Amazon Smile feature which doesn’t cost you anything!  When you shop, Amazon provides a 0.5% of eligible purchases to support not for profit programs!

All you need to do is choose EMPower Me as your charity to support.